While many of us were happy to lead this fight, we are stronger together and WE NEED YOUR HELP! During this process, Restaurateurs came together to form the Maryland Restaurant Coalition. This organization is dedicated to educating the public about issues of importance to our industry, lobbying our elected officials to support our businesses and if necessary, filing legal challenges to over burdensome regulations that severely impact our ability to survive much less thrive.

In the coming days, we will re-focus our efforts on capacity restrictions, hours of operations restrictions, and a host of other restrictions that unfairly impact our industry. We can’t fight this alone and we need all of our restaurants to stand with us as we fight for our survival. As the pandemic eventually winds down, there will undoubtedly be additional hurdles and roadblocks thrown at our industry that will need resources to fight; and the MRC will be there to take on those efforts on behalf of the entire industry in our state.